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Pastilla’s are made with real fruit and vegetable.


Caked with real cashew chips, cashew nuts are cholesterol-free and contain healthy fats that assist in the prevention of heart disease.


Made with quality raisins and oat bran, the raisins in the tarts have fiber that improves digestive health by removing toxins from the digestive tract. The oat bran aid in lowering cholesterol

Assorted Delicacies

Assorted delicacies of Pastillas, Marzipan and Tarts


Delicacies of Pampanga

At Aiza’s Sweets, we always settle for the best.

Worldwide talks about Aiza’s Sweets

I had my doubts about serving pre-fab items in my shop but my food purveyor talked me into trying Aiza’s Sweets. After they are sold my customers began to ask for them by name.  I now feature several of Aiza’s products and am proud to do so.
Bob Benton-Stiller
I took a chance and tried Aiza’s and wow! I’ll never go anywhere else for my marzipan. Cheers to Aiza’s Sweets!  Keep up the great work!
John Kemper (USA)
I’ve been a pastry chef for 11 years and I still can’t make treats better than I can buy from Aiza’s Sweets. I decided it’s pointless to reinvent the wheel when such fine products are available from Aiza’s. I’m proud to sell them in my store.
Clara Bella
Que bueno son!  Y bien facil para comprar! Muchas gracias Aiza’s Sweets! (They are so good! And so easy to buy! Thank You very much Aiza’s Sweets!)
Javier Solis (Mexico)
I used to make all my own sweets but time ran out and I had a big party to serve. I decided to give Aiza’s Sweets a try and nobody knew the difference.  In fact I started getting compliments and the guilt was too much. I had to tell them about Aiza’s Sweets.  Easy as it would have been to convince my guests that they were made in the house I had to give credit where credit is due. Thanks Aiza’s. You saved me a lot of work and my guests are as happy as if I had made the sweets myself!
Chef Tony Roma (Italy)
I needed something special for a wedding and after seeing all the sweets Aiza’s  offers  I decided to give them a try.  After the wedding reception a close friend asked me how I can manage to make so many wonderful treats. I just smiled. That’s MY secret!
Jayne Hilderbrau (Japan)



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