About Us

Our Story

Before there was a company, there were just seven Filipinos with a goal.

Delicious, High-Quality, Hand-Crafted, Authentic Pinoy snacks made with natural ingredients for the world.

Then came a pastilla made with real fruit and vegetable.

A milk candy.

And the Philippine’s first and original Cashew Marzipan.

The rest is history.

Aiza’s Sweets never forgot the passion or the goal the seven Filipinos had and kept their utmost standards to this day.

Our Mission

Aiza’s Sweets firmly believes that customer experience always comes first. That is why Aiza’s Sweets doesn’t settle for second best.

High Standards

Our products are made from high quality ingredients. Its complete line of native delicacies is produced by following approved and standard operating procedures.

Guaranteed Quality

From our choice of raw materials up to the packaging process, we make sure that our products maintain their freshness and quality.

Highly-Trained Personnel

Quality control and assurance is a paramount goal for the company. We employ seasoned and highly-trained quality check personnel and supervisors to make sure that no sub-standard products ship out of the factories.


Aiza’s Sweets made a promise to their customers to offer value and quality that meet the standard of the local and global markets. They also work with different government agencies to examine their facilities for health and safety purposes. They remain certified and compliant.

Lucy P. Miranda

Masterchef & Founder

Mrs. Lucia P. Miranda considered making home-cooked pastries as a hobby until it became a legitimate business in 2000. The shop, Aiza’s Sweets, was named after Mrs. Miranda’s only daughter.

The firm started as a sub-contractor to one of the known sweets manufacturing company in Sasmuan, Pampanga. It used manual labor due to the lack of necessary equipment in production.

So, Aiza’s was enrolled to DOST SETUP in 2006. Interventions under this program include the acquisition of necessary equipment that can aid in production, consultancy services under the Packaging and Labeling Assistance program and Energy Audit. Trainings on current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) were also provided.

As a result, the firm enjoyed improved product quality with longer shelf life and increased productivity from 6 pieces to 60 pieces per minute. Aiza’s was also able to export its products to Japan and the USA. With the expansion of the business, revenue likewise increased by 20%.

Aiza’s Sweets was recognized as the Regional Best SETUP Adoptor in 2014. Up to now, its cashew marzipan, pastillas, and sweet tarts, are still craved for by locals and tourists.

Our Standards

Fresh and Quality Ingredients

Quality control and assurance

Highly-Trained Personnel

Exceeds health and safety regulations

Superior Customer Service